What are the Proper Steps for Handling Asbestos in Your Home

Asbestos is found in the various parts of the house architecture such as flooring, roofing and siding. This is especially true for old homes that are built before the 1980s. Proper handling of asbestos is necessary because it is carcinogenic and too much exposure can cause asbestos cancer.

In the USA, it is legal for homeowners to remove asbestos that is located inside the house and not in the exterior. Homeowners must follow the safety precautions when removing the asbestos. You can visit the EPA site to find out the proper procedure for handling asbestos. The first thing to do is to clear away all items in the area so that they won’t be contaminated. Anything that can’t be moved should be covered with a polyethylene sheet. The walls and floor are to be covered with a polyethylene sheet.

To protect the health of your family members and pets, you should have them moved to other places. Before handling asbestos, make sure you wear personal protection equipment such as respirator or dusk mask to prevent breathing in small particles from the asbestos as well as gloves to protect your hands. The dust mask should have at least two straps.

You can also wear a disposable coverall to protect your nose and eyes. It is important not to eat in the work area as there may be tiny asbestos particles flying around in the air that ends up in your food. You must be cautious in removing the entire asbestos sheet without breaking it. This means that you should avoid using power tools like drill or sand or saw the asbestos.

It is illegal to attempt in spraying the asbestos sheet with a water hose gun as this can remove the coating on the asbestos. You can slightly wet the asbestos material if you want. Materials containing asbestos must be double bagged and put in the approved disposable bag before along with the warning label prior to disposal. It should be transported in a covered truck so that asbestos dust will not fly into the air.

If you are not sure whether the building material contains asbestos, you can hire a asbestos consultant to perform testing on the presence of asbestos. Testing for asbestos is crucial to protect your health and the health of those in the vicinity. If you are not trained to handle asbestos, it is advised that you hire a licensed asbestos removal professional.

The professional knows the safety procedure to remove and dispose the asbestos. If a lot of asbestos fibers will fly in the air, you should hire an asbestos removal contractor that is HSE licensed. You must make sure that the professional you hire is compliant with the asbestos removal regulation of your state.