Which Cash Back Credit Card Offers Offer the Best Sign Up Bonuses in 2016

Consumers love credit cards, they help provide opportunities for everyday purchases to earn points and rewards. Many cash back credit cards are offering cash back sign up bonuses to attract new customers. You have to meet some requirements to claim the bonus for example spending a certain amount within a limited time frame. Usually, the sign up bonus offer also has an expiry date so you must quickly spend use your card for your shopping if you want to claim the cash back. Sign bonus allows you to get some money back while shopping with the credit card. The following are five of the best cash back sign up bonus credit cards.

1. American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card

The American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card offers a sign up bonus of $150 if you spend at least $1,000 within the 3 months period of the account opening. But, actually, the sign up bonus is only worth $75 since you have to pay a $75 annual fee. Blue Cash Preferred Card is offering a 6% cash back on supermarket purchases for the first $1,500 you spend. It offers 3% cash back when you use your card to buy gas and a 1% cash back for all other types of purchases.

2. American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card

The American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card offers a $100 cash back bonus when you spend $1,000 in the first 3 months. The card does not have any annual fee and offer 3% cash back for up to $6,000 on supermarket purchases. The 2% cash back applies when you purchase gas and shop at selected US based department stores.

3. Discover It

Discover It card is offering a cash back match program for the cash back that you have earn up until the end of the first year. The Cashback Match program is applicable to new members only. It offers 5% cash back on bonus categories for the first $1,500 you spend and 1% cash back for the rest of the purchases. Cardholders can redeem any amount of the cashback rewards whenever they want.

4. Capital One QuickSilver Cash Reward Card

Capital One QuickSilver Cash Reward credit card offers a $100 cash back bonus when you spend $500 in 3 months after you open your account. You get to earn 1.5% cash back on your purchases and there is no need to meet the rotating categories requirement. The cash back is unlimited and do not have any expiry date. It offers 0% introductory APR rate for purchases and balance transfers up until February 2017. This card does not charge the cardholder any annual fee or foreign transaction fee.

5. Chase Freedom
Chase Freedom lets you earn $150 cash back bonus when you spend $500 within a period of 3 months. Chase Freedom does not have any annual fee so you are really earning a full $150 cash back. The card awards you with 5% cash back on rotational categories and you can enjoy a 1% cash back on all other categories. The Chase Freedom is ideal for people who want to spend money on the bonus categories.