Severe Weather Marches East Heading Into Weekend

Chilly air is in the forecast for the Midwest and northern Plains late this week and the Central States to the East and South will definitely get a nice taste of autumn for the rest of this week, going into next week. This nice temperature change will follow a band of overpowering rain and severe conditions in some regions.

The temperature change will be a dramatic one over parts of the Midwest on Friday. When comparing the temperatures to come to the temperatures that the Midwest has experienced this week, the early morning temps may be 30 to 50 degrees lower. The temperatures will surely plummet due to the gusty winds as well.

The temperatures will feel as though they’ve dipped into the teens throughout the northern Plains and Upper Midwest due to the combination of wind, rain, and low temperatures. It is expected that the temperatures will feel as though they are in the 20s in the Upper Midwest, and the 30s farther South in the Midwest and lower Great Lakes on Friday and Saturday nights.

Very chaotic weather conditions will be created due to the fact that chilly air will be passing over the warm waters of the Great Lakes this weekend. This excessive chill will be accompanied by high winds, ominous looking clouds, and heavy showers in some areas, especially around the Great Lakes region.

There will also be a high chance for some wet snow to appear with the rain showers in the system from Minnesota to Wisconsin, even to Michigan on Friday night and Saturday night. There may actually be a chance that waterspouts could be produced over the lower Great Lakes on Friday and Saturday.

The less humid and cooler air will bring along with it high winds from the central and southern Plains states to the Appalachians. From Friday night to Saturday night the temperatures will feel quite cold and it will be very blustery over the Appalachians. Even though this cold air will become milder before hitting the East Coast, autumn air will still be present east of the Appalachians this weekend.

The highs for this weekend will not exceed the 60’s in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C throughout Sunday. The feel of the temperatures may dip into the 50’s at times during the daylight hours, and this will be felt along the Interstate-95 corridor in the Northeast.

Down to the south, Florida will feel some cooler but drier air this weekend, which is a nice change of pace for them because they have been soaked with rain much of September. Around Atlanta, high temperatures will be in the 60s both days of the weekend. It will be breezy and bright with sunshine and a bright blue sky to match.
While this chill that has been projected to hang around the Great Lakes moving throughout next week, the temperatures will trend upward into the East and South. The brunt of this chilly air with the outbreak late into this week will cause another chilly blast that will occur between October 10th and 13th. This will occur over the

Midwest and the northern Plains, rather than the Atlantic Coast.

As for the severe weather yesterday, one of the powerful cold front produced severe thunderstorms and torrential rain from the Deep South into the Ohio Valley, as well as the Lower Mississippi Valley and the Upper Midwest throughout the night into Friday morning. At one point, a squall line extended all the way from Michigan to Texas.
These extremely gusty winds uprooted trees, downed power lines, and caused extensive building damage to homes and businesses alike. Tornadoes also spun up in Arkansas and Missouri, but thankfully there have been no reports of injuries.

About 1 million residents were left without power in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. The local power crews worked feverishly and quite early to restore electricity from Texas all the way to Kentucky. Because of this power outage, schools and universities alike were closed for the day.