Hurricane Matthew Takes Aim At Florida As Potential Disaster Zone Grows Larger

Category 4 storm hurricane Matthew has left in its wake catastrophic damage as it pounded Cuba on Tuesday night after drenching Haiti and leaving behind flooded streets, broken trees and 7 people dead. There are fears that more people will die as the hurricane continues to hurl towards the Bahamas, where it is expected to arrive on Wednesday night at a speed of 125 mph. It will linger in Bahamas and residents there will be expected to deal with the storm on Wednesday night and the whole of Thursday. Jeff Zimmer, with SKO construction, a Florida disaster recovery company said “We’ve been fielding calls by the dozen per hour, property owners are beginning to realize the potential magnitude of this storm system”.

There was a lot of damage in Haiti, especially in Southern Haiti where the heavy rains caused waterways to swell and overflow into the streets. Many walls of buildings have been damaged and the strong winds tore off roofs from many houses. The bridge connecting Port-au-Prince to Southern Haiti collapsed under the torrential rains, which in effect hampered relief efforts. Aid efforts have been further hampered by broken communication as communication towers have been affected by the trees that have been falling on them.

Four governors along the East Coast of the US have declared a state of emergency and put out warnings for residents in those states to prepare for the worst. Residents have been told that they could possibly be evacuated in case their states take a direct hit from the raging storm. Even though it is expected that the winds will lose some of its strength as it heads to the United States, it will still be strong at 115km/h. This is still strong enough for residents along coastal towns to be on high alert due to the massive damage that such strong winds can cause.
In preparation for the storm that will most likely hit Guantanamo Bay, Florida, the US government has airlifted over 700 family members of military service men based in this coastal state. However, the 61 detainees that are held in detention in this town will not be airlifted.

A common sign through all the countries and towns that Hurricane Matthew has passed through is people wading through inches of water, with the water levels reaching up to the shoulders as people walk through it to get to safer grounds.

Usually, when Hurricanes turn out to be particularly destructive, their names are usually retired. Given the fatal effect that this Hurricane has had through all the countries it has gone through, it is expected that this is the last Hurricane that will ever be called Matthew.
Hurricane Matthew started off as a tropical wave off the West African coast on 22nd September, which later developed into a tropical storm as it moved westward. It then became a hurricane while it was on the west of the Leeward Islands and it strengthened to become a category 5 hurricane. By October 1st, it had weakened to a category 4 hurricane at a speed of 220kn/h but it later on gathered strength and it currently has a speed of 240km/h (by 5th October).

Which Cash Back Credit Card Offers Offer the Best Sign Up Bonuses in 2016

Consumers love credit cards, they help provide opportunities for everyday purchases to earn points and rewards. Many cash back credit cards are offering cash back sign up bonuses to attract new customers. You have to meet some requirements to claim the bonus for example spending a certain amount within a limited time frame. Usually, the sign up bonus offer also has an expiry date so you must quickly spend use your card for your shopping if you want to claim the cash back. Sign bonus allows you to get some money back while shopping with the credit card. The following are five of the best cash back sign up bonus credit cards.

1. American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card

The American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card offers a sign up bonus of $150 if you spend at least $1,000 within the 3 months period of the account opening. But, actually, the sign up bonus is only worth $75 since you have to pay a $75 annual fee. Blue Cash Preferred Card is offering a 6% cash back on supermarket purchases for the first $1,500 you spend. It offers 3% cash back when you use your card to buy gas and a 1% cash back for all other types of purchases.

2. American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card

The American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card offers a $100 cash back bonus when you spend $1,000 in the first 3 months. The card does not have any annual fee and offer 3% cash back for up to $6,000 on supermarket purchases. The 2% cash back applies when you purchase gas and shop at selected US based department stores.

3. Discover It

Discover It card is offering a cash back match program for the cash back that you have earn up until the end of the first year. The Cashback Match program is applicable to new members only. It offers 5% cash back on bonus categories for the first $1,500 you spend and 1% cash back for the rest of the purchases. Cardholders can redeem any amount of the cashback rewards whenever they want.

4. Capital One QuickSilver Cash Reward Card

Capital One QuickSilver Cash Reward credit card offers a $100 cash back bonus when you spend $500 in 3 months after you open your account. You get to earn 1.5% cash back on your purchases and there is no need to meet the rotating categories requirement. The cash back is unlimited and do not have any expiry date. It offers 0% introductory APR rate for purchases and balance transfers up until February 2017. This card does not charge the cardholder any annual fee or foreign transaction fee.

5. Chase Freedom
Chase Freedom lets you earn $150 cash back bonus when you spend $500 within a period of 3 months. Chase Freedom does not have any annual fee so you are really earning a full $150 cash back. The card awards you with 5% cash back on rotational categories and you can enjoy a 1% cash back on all other categories. The Chase Freedom is ideal for people who want to spend money on the bonus categories.

How does early detection help with the treatment of children with autism?

Nowadays, parents are generally aware of what autism is and how it detracts from an individual’s quality of life. However, many parents may not be aware of how the condition is treated. Pediatricians and psychologists stress the importance of early detection when it comes to treating autism. As with so many health and mental conditions, early detection can minimize the impact such a condition has on an individual’s life.

Early treatment for autism is aimed at increasing a child’s social and intellectual development. According to some doctors, autism symptoms can begin at as early an age as 14 months old. Signs of developing autism in young infants include not making eye contact, not developing gestures, not making noises to attract the attention of others, and not responding to cuddling and other physical contact. If a child is not responding to his or her name and engaging in “baby talk” or early attempts at talking by the age of one year old, screening for autism is important to get affected children started on an appropriate treatment regime.

Early treatment for autism can help minimize autism symptoms later in life in the following ways:

By building early social skills through forcing social interactions- A growing baby develops responses to social stimuli at an early age. Children with autism either are severely delayed in developing these responses or don’t develop them at all. Once a child’s response mechanisms for responding to stimuli are established, it can be hard to change them. Therefore, therapists need to begin conditioning children to respond normally as early as possible.

By facilitating the development of motor skills- Autism is not only manifested in delayed social skills. It is also seen in motor skill issues that can be corrected by physical therapy and other types of therapy that work to improve the child’s control of his or her body.

By engaging the child intellectually to encourage brain development- Autistic children are associated with exceptional mental abilities due to the conditions association in pop culture with the movie Rain Man. However, autistic children actually tend to perform lower than children without autism on early intelligence tests. The intellectual abilities of children whose treatment for autism begins early show that their intellectual development is less impacted and their IQs are more in line with those of normal children.

How To Reduce Your Credit Card Debts By Locking In Zero Percent Promotional Rates

Most of the people know how to manage credit card debt. What most don’t know in any case, is the way to manage a debt balance reduction


One way to paying off credit card debts is with a 0% APR balance transfer credit card account. While debt may not generally be great, credit does not as a matter of course must be bad. The key is the way you use it. So we should investigate how using credit astutely can offer you some assistance with being effective in credit card debt reduction.

Making a Zero Percent APR Balance Transfer Help You

First step is to open another credit card account that takes into account transferring a balance with no interest fees on that balance for an expanded period of time. Numerous offers range from six months to over a year.

High interest rates frequently go with the job while carrying a balance, which makes decreasing credit card debt significantly harder. Then again, when a balance from a high-rate credit card is transferd to an introductory 0% APR card, it gives all the more breathing space to pay debt down all the more rapidly while saving money on regular interest rate charges, which are incidentally put on hold. The objective now is to pay off however much of the debt as could reasonably be expected before the no interest fee period closes and 0% APR is supplanted with a higher rate.

A 0% APR Account Can Still Cost You

It is common for credit card issuers to charge a 3 to 5% balance transfer fee on the amount transferd. That charge is frequently attached onto the balance and not qualified for 0% APR. Despite the fact that the fee is not exactly the rates on unpaid balances, make certain to think about (and see) all costs included with balance transfers before making the move.

While 0% APR might apply to the balance transfer amount, be careful with making purchases with the new card. That 0% APR won’t apply to them, however standard interest rate fees can be charged and add to your debt. Since the goal is debt reduction, keep concentrate on saving and paying off, not purchasing and piling on more unpaid liability.

Stick to a Balance Transfer Payment Plan

By carrying balances on higher interest rate cards to zero percent (0%) APR credit cards will just work with a proactive commitment to diminishing debt as fast as could reasonably be expected. Adhere to this arrangement to make the majority of the transfer:

• Pay the maximum amount you can each month.
• First, focus on paying off the zero percent (0%) APR balance transfer payments and abstain from including new interest debt collection new purchases.
• Eliminate the whole 0% APR balance transfer amount before the end of the introductory period. Having questions? Review additional articles on credit card promotions or set up a meeting with a financial advisor for more debt reduction tips.
• Keep your old credit card accounts dynamic — simply abstain from running up new unpaid month to month balances.

In the event that you are prepared to save on interest payments and reduce credit card debt, a zero percent promotional rates might be well worth considering.

Save Money With Some Great Balance Transfer Promotion Offers In 2016

If you are considering a balance transfer in 2016, there are a few things to be aware of, especially if you have never done a balance transfer before. There is no shortage of balance transfer cards on the market today. They flood your email inbox and perhaps even your mailbox. A simple Google search for “0% interest intro credit card offers will produce pages of results. Yet not every offer is a good offer. Consider the fact that most credit card companies will charge you anywhere from 3% to 5% just to transfer your balance in whats known as a balance transfer fee. Yet there are offers out there that do not have this fee attached to it. These credit cards are known as zero percent balance transfer promotions. Yet this alone is not enough, you should also find offers that offer a intro 0% promotional interest rate for a period time, where you pay no interest rates on any balance transferred to your new credit card. In order to better help our readers, we have compiled from the credit card comparison website a list of the best zero percent balance transfer promotions that also offer a intro 0% promotional interest rate.

If the cards below do not have a high enough credit limit for you to transfer your entire credit card balance, that does not mean you should give up. Instead you could apply for more than one credit card, until you have the entire amount transferred. You could also transfer as much as you can interest free, and pay off the remaining balance over time.

Chase Slate

Being one of the nations largest banks, it should come as no surprise that one of this banks credit cards makes the top of our list. This credit card has zero interest, and no balance transfer fee, provided that you transfer any balances over to the Chase Slate card with in 60 days of opening the account. After your 15 months 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers, your interest rates will range from 12.99% to 22.99%. This credit card features no annual fee, providing you with even more savings. Another benefit of this credit card is that it provides you with your monthly FICO score every month. No annual fee.

Alliant Credit Union Credit Card

Unlike most credit unions, you do not need to be a member of this credit union to qualify for a credit card. Simply click the “not a member” link when you fill out your credit application. If approved for a credit card, you will be automatically added to the credit union as a member. Easy to apply, friendly staff, this credit card might change your perception of credit unions. They offer a 0% intro APR for 12 months as well as no balance transfer fee. This credit union tends to give very fair credit limits. This card has no annual fee.

Capital One QuickSilver ONE
This credit card offers you both 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers until September 2016. This credit card company works with those who have less than perfect credit, but if you fall into this category you may find that your credit limit will be rather low. If your credit limit is low, worry not, after 5 months of on time payments you qualify for a higher credit limit. They also offer customers some rewards, where you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, with no caps or limits involved. Your rewards also never expire, and you can keep racking them up, to redeem at any time, for any amount that you have available. There is one downside, albeit a small one to this card, and that is the $39 annual fee.

Regular roof maintenance is crucial to longevity of your roof

Regular maintenance and ongoing care is crucial to the longevity of your roof. Failing to properly maintain your commercial or residential roof is a sure recipe for disaster. Knowing the condition of the roof and making prompt repairs can potentially save you a great deal of money in the long run. Homeowners and business owners should diligently look for signs of problems before a potentially small problem becomes a disastrous situation.

What is my role in roofing maintenance?
Keeping gutters and downspouts free of debris is essential to maintaining your roof. The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety explains that while a roof is your “first line of defense from natural hazards such as wind, rain, fire, hail, ice, snow, and extreme heat,” the roof is also the most vulnerable part of any building.

You do not have to be a professional roofing contractor to look for basic problems such as signs of leaks. Look around the rooms inside your home or commercial building. Water stains or cracks in the ceiling are a sign of a leaky roof. The BBB points out that roof leaks can start out from a variety of causes. It is imperative for you to act quickly to repair a leaky roof before more serious damage occurs, such as “structural damage to the walls, floors and roof” if you fail to get repairs at the first sign of a leaky roof.
After any severe weather, inspect your roof, even if there may not initially seem to be any damage. Look for loose or missing shingles, downed tree limbs, accumulation of debris or other materials on the roof. Remove debris, replace damaged shingles and repair other damaged areas immediately. Remove as much snow as possible to prevent ice dams from occurring. Anything with the potential to hold moisture can damage your roof. Do not remove already-formed ice, as this may cause damage.

How do I find a reliable roofing contractor?
If you do not feel comfortable maintaining or inspecting your roof, hire a reputable roofing contractor. A licensed contractor with a strong reputation in your community can help you maintain your residential or commercial roof as well as make repairs. Never let a door-to-door roofing contractor do the work. Roofing scams are on the rise. An example is the eight roofers who committed scams in 11 states, defrauding homeowners out of millions of dollars, according to court records. Check reputation and references before hiring any roofing contractor to inspect, maintain or repair the roof of your home or business.


Why every do it yourself business owner needs to understand Google keyword planner to be successful with online marketing

In order to be successful with any online marketing campaign for your business, you need to start with keyword research. Your goal is to understand your target market, the competitiveness of your space, and the search volume of keywords. Once this information is revealed, you can begin executing a plan for your marketing strategy. But how does one go about researching to reveal this type of information? We spoke with Jon from High Level Marketing, a design firm that specializes in helping business owners get found on Google through digital marketing services to get some tips and advice on establishing the right keywords and understanding marketing budgets.

Google Keyword Planner. For any do-it-yourself business owner running their own PPC campaign, Google Keyword Planner is an easy and effective research tool that is heavily focused on PPC campaigns. By using this tool, you will be able to better understand your target market, competitors, and your search volume of keywords.

Google Keyword Planner provides robust filtering capabilities, so you can be extremely picky about your keywords. You can filter your keywords based on average CPC (cost per click), estimated search volume, and keyword competition; all of which allow you to view your campaign on a more hyper-local basis. This tool also divides keywords up into suggested ad groups, which is designed to be a PPC focused feature.

With this tool, it is important to have clear understanding about where you fit in the market first. You can use this tool to set up various targeting options where you can specify country(s), language(s), as well as certain keywords you do not want to include in your search terms, called “negative” keywords. This allows you to filter out anything that could steer you away from your target market, something no business owner wants to do.

How difficult is it already to come up with unique and adequate keywords to combine a list? Google Keyword planner now has a unique feature that allows you to multiple by 2 (or even more) keyword lists, which results a in a brand new and unique keyword combinations. A/B testing can be time consuming, but this tool could be helpful in discovering and creating new test keywords.

In order to be successful with any online marketing campaign for your business, you need to start with keyword research. Again, your goal is to understand your target market, the competitiveness of your space, and the search volume of keywords.

Let’s face it, any do-it-yourself business owner has a lot more on their plate than making it a priority to set aside a separate time to search for keywords for their PPC campaign. Researching keywords and crafting a suitable online marketing strategy is not an easy task, nor is it quick. It requires a deep and careful analysis of your target market, but that’s exactly what Google Keyword Planner is there for – to do the research for you.

Pros and Cons of borrowing from your nest egg

Many people end up in a financial crunch at one point or another in their life. We asked Steven Moore a financial consult who writes for a variety of finance websites. if you can borrow from your nest egg, such as your 401(k), an IRA, or other investments such as stocks, CDs or bonds. The simple answer is yes, and in the case of loans made against your stocks or bonds, these loans are known as margin loans. Any loans against your nest egg(s) will have several things to consider and take into account before you decide if it is worth borrowing against.

The plus side to borrowing from your nest eggs is that in most cases the interest rates are very low, and sometimes even interest free. One example is when you borrow from your IRA, you can borrow funds from your IRA interest free for a total of 60 days, but on day 60, or sooner, you must repay the money or roll the money over into another IRA account. You should never ever borrow from your IRA unless you are 100 percent certain that you can pay it back in full within 60 days. Failure to do this will result in taxes and a hefty penalty rate on your funds. I should point out however that there are exceptions to this penalty rule, such as if you are borrowing the funds to pay for college for yourself, spouse or child, or if you are using the funds for medical expenses that exceed 10% of your adjusted gross income, among other exceptions. Another exception to this rule is if you have been unemployed for 3 months or longer and have not had health insurance during this time. You can also borrow up to $10,000 for your first primary home and avoid this penalty. You also will not be benefiting from the interest rate on your IRA while you have withdrawn the money, since the money will not be in your account to garner interest.

Other nest eggs can be a poor choice to borrow against, such as borrowing from your 401(k) since when you borrow from a 401(k) you have to pay taxes if you have not made a payment within 90 days on the money borrowed. Also if you are under the age of 59½ you will have to pay a 10% penalty. Interest payments are not tax deductible like they would be for a home equity loan for example, so this is also a part of the cost of the loan. If you do not repay the money borrowed from the 410(k) then you are sabotaging all the hard work you have put into building up your retirement account, and potentially ruining your golden years. On the plus side you owe the money back to yourself instead of a bank. You can borrow up to 50% of your 401(k) balance, up to a maximum of $50,000. You have only 5 years however to pay this money back, unless you are using the funds to make a down payment on a new home. The interest rates tend to be much lower than any bank loan or personal loan may be. Since there is never a credit check to borrow this money, it is often an attractive loan option for those who are experiencing credit problems or those whose credit score has taken a temporary dive.

If you are thinking about borrowing from your 401(k) or your IRA, you should take awhile to think it over. It can become habit forming to borrow against these funds, and the cost can be dear if you should somehow not be able to pay back this money. Failure to repay these funds can hurt your retirement. Retirement funds should be hands off unless you are nearly 100 percent certain that you can repay it back in full. Loans against your retirement funds can make sense if you are borrowing against them for short term and can repay it quickly, but if you are borrowing for long term problems, then this loan option might not be the best option for you.

Can You Learn How to Do SEO Through Videos?

There are many ways small business owners can learn SEO online. From YouTube videos to blogs about the latest SEO strategies and techniques, there is a wealth of information online.  Learning SEO online is a great way to stretch your marketing funds. Most of the information online can be incorporated into your marketing strategy within a few hours. Unfortunately, as Google changes the requirements that result in first-page rankings, many business owners find it challenging to keep up.
The following are reasons why you should leverage the expertise of a marketing firm to develop your

SEO strategy.

Marketing Firms Offer Seasoned Expertise

Working with a marketing firm means that your small business benefits from seasoned marketing experts. These companies have likely experienced many changes affecting Google’s algorithm, and over the years, they have honed their skills. They know the difference between black hat SEO strategies that will get your website flagged by Google including:
• Duplicate content
• Keyword stuffing
• Cloaking
• Redirects
• Rich snippet markups

They also know what SEO strategies will propel you to the top of your keyword search results page.
SEO Firms Offer Low-Cost, Effective Services

Searching for links to companies offering great seo videos? Check out these from Youtube:   Search Engine LandHigh Level Marketing, Moz, Google Webmaster Team,


One of the greatest benefits to hiring an SEO firm is the ability to maintain your marketing budget. SEO firms have streamlined their business processes to the point that they can deliver high-impact results in less time than it would take you to research keywords. With an arsenal of SEO tools at their disposal, your business can capitalize on the low-cost, effective SEO strategies a marketing firm provides your business.

Additionally, by employing the services of a marketing firm, your business website remains current. You do not have to worry about updating content when Google makes changes.
Marketing Firms Help You Effectively Leverage Your Resources

By employing the services of a marketing company instead of learning SEO online, you can focus on other areas of growing your business. Since there is always something to do in business, it makes sense for you to use your free time to develop your small business strategically. Although you can learn SEO online, it may not be in your best interest. In fact, it makes more sense to hire a marketing company to manage your SEO since they are experts in the field. By leveraging their tools and skills, you can optimize your website so that it ranks highly relative to your keywords.

Residents In Tennessee Valley Now Facing Mold Growth Challenges

Earlier in the month Kentucky got slammed with rain that caused extensive flooding throughout the Louisville area. Before the water even had time to begin receding the damage had already been done, and properties all over were enduring the aftermath of a flooded basement or home. After the water had gone, there was something serious that remained, which is mold.

After an area floods it is imperative to begin quickly cleaning up the water and drying out the property so that mold doesn’t have a chance to grow. Whether it is a basement, car, or even a living space, water can hike up the chance for mold greatly.

According to the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), mold due to flooding can cause serious health issues if it isn’t taken care of quickly and efficiently. Even if the flooding was caused by clean water, it can still lead to the growth of microorganisms that can cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to it.

Doctors recommend the best way to deal with mold is to immediately throw out any items that were damaged by water, including furniture. They also recommended that any carpeting that has sustained water damage should also be thrown away as well. The health issues associated with mold vary from individual to individual, but the most common ailments are sinus problems that can trigger asthma, bronchitis, or even a serious allergic reaction.

A study was done by the EPA, and they set out some recommendations to prevent mold from growing in your home following a flood event.

First, you will want to stop the water from breaching your homes foundation. From there, you will need to protect any of your family members or occupants that are especially vulnerable to mold or that have chronic diseases or a suppressed immune system. Next, you will want to find out the extent of the water damage. Trace any pathways of the water to find out where the damage has spread. Lastly, you will need to plan and begin the clean up process.

Dealing with Black Mold

According to many people, that is just the easy part. If the moisture seeps into the walls of the home it can be quite difficult to fix. If the mold spreads throughout your wall, then you will definitely need the help of professional to remove it efficiently. Allergists have stated that toxic mold usually isn’t a problem, and that it is usually the people who are already allergic to mold that would be the most affected.

The mold usually is not toxic, because it doesn’t essentially send out toxins that will make everyone sick. The problem begins when people who are already allergic to mold begin to show symptoms of exposure.